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To provide unbiased real estate intelligence, advice, and co-investment opportunities to Canadian physician investors seeking to achieve financial independence.

Medvisory was started in 2015 by Manveen Puri, a Canadian family physician who had just completed his medical training and was seeking to purchase his first rental property. Despite seeking to ride the Canadian real estate boom, Manveen found that his financial advisors and bankers at the time were promoting investment vehicles such as mutual funds with high MERs.

After discovering how commission based compensation models created systemic biases in the way financial "education" was delivered to doctors in practice and across all stages of their training, Manveen began seeking out information directly from tradespeople and real estate professionals; thereby sowing the seeds of what would become the Medvisory network.

Over the last 4 years we have coached, mentored, and co-invested in hundreds of real estate properties in the Toronto and Hamilton markets with over 50+ physician investors at various stages of their career and across all levels of financial sophistication.

As Medvisory has grown from its advisory roots, we have sought to preserve the objective lens through which we analyze our projects. The "Medvisory principal" is a mechanism through which we ensure that we always have "skin in the game." This principal states that our investment divisions will only seek joint venture partners and not profit through referring clients to third party providers. As such, any Medvisory client seeking more than fee-based advisory services will only co-invest with us in projects in which we put our own time and money. While this principal has limited our growth, it has allowed us to remain mission focused and has created a small but highly successful and satisfied network of repeat physician investors.

Executive Team
Manveen Puri.jpg

Manveen Puri, MD, CCFP

Founder and CEO

Head of Advisory

Ryan Campbell.jpg

Ryan Campbell, MD, CCFP

Vice President (Development)

Head of Development

Nisha Puri.jpg

Nisha Puri, MBA

Vice President (Marketing)

Head of Realty

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