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Investment strategies

Medvisory is organized along four strategic divisions: Advisory, Development, Financing, and Realty. While we have experience with multiple real estate investment strategies within each category in Canada, our time in the market has taught us that most physician investors are best served by either looking to build generational wealth through a Buy, Renovate, Refinance, Rent (BRRR) development strategy or by generating short term cash flow through targeted financing investments in private mortgages. 

Advisory | Development | Financing | Realty

The Medvisory Group comprises a network of 6 related companies and 21 partnerships which together provide real estate advice and investing opportunities to Canadian physicians. Our flagship organization Medvisory Inc. was founded in Toronto in 2015 as a boutique fee-based advisory firm to teach practicing physicians, residents, and medical students how to harness real estate to achieve financial independence. Since then we've grown to include development, financing, and realty divisions. Today our multi-disciplinary network consists of: 

  • Mortgage agents & brokers

  • Real estate agents & brokers

  • Lawyers & accountants

  • Contractors & tradespeople

  • Appraisers

  • Architects

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Investor pathway

Fewer than 5% of Canadians own investment real estate and physicians are no exception despite their unique ability to leverage and obtain credit at sub-prime rates. Medvisory specializes in advising clients on how to incorporate active and passive real estate investment strategies within a diversified retirement portfolio. Outside of advisory services, we joint venture with select clients on financing and development projects. Most investors start off as physician financiers in arm's length mortgages and invest funds through their RRSPs, TFSAs, or Med Prof Corps.(requires at least $25 000 in liquid assets). If there is a fit on both sides,  investors may go on to become physician developers in one or more BRRR projects (requires at least $250 000 in liquid assets).   

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