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I have known Manveen for over 10 years since we went to medical school together and co-founded MDconsultants, a company which we continue to operate. I have watched Manveen and his team grow Medvisory steadily since 2015 and I was very fortunate to be an early adopter. I have co-invested in numerous financing projects and have introduced 20+ colleagues who continue to experience a successful investment track record with Medvisory. Together, my colleagues and I have co-invested millions with the Medvisory team. We have always received our principal investment and expected return on all our projects. I currently invest using TFSAs and RRSPs and am considering investing my Med Prof Corp funds as well. I have met the entire behind the scenes financing team including Medvisory’s lawyer and broker network. I routinely recommend Manveen, Jasveen, and Manjit’s financing projects with confidence to my colleagues who are seeking investment opportunities.

Jiayi H.

Plastic Surgeon

Toronto, ON


As an experienced equity market investor who has achieved financial independence, I was missing out on an entire asset class until I better understood active and passive real estate investing from Manveen and Ryan. I have co-invested in multiple financing projects since 2016 and deem these to be low-risk ventures. In addition, I joint ventured with Medvisory on Project 3 and can verify that the numbers posted are accurate. I am very satisfied with the way my BRRR project turned out and look forward to working with Medvisory again in the future!

Jason T.

Family Physician

Ottawa, ON

Cathy Zhang - Professional Photo.jpg

As someone who seeks to fundamentally understand a deal prior to investing, I was impressed with Medvisory’s level of analysis. All my questions were promptly and intelligently answered. As their deals are highly vetted, the return from our joint investments was at a higher rate than typical market returns. The process was clearly explained,and all relevant documentation was also provided ensuring full transparency. Overall, I was impressed with their expertise and very appreciative of their Advisory seminars offered to physicians interested in growing and learning about real estate investing. I look forward to continue learning and investing in bigger projects with Medvisory, and referring my friends and colleagues.

Cathy Z.

Family Physician

Toronto, ON


I joint ventured with Medvisory on Project 1. The entire BRRR process was streamlined so that my time involvement was minimal as the “money partner.” Investing with fellow physicians also bred a degree of trust—I knew that Manveen and Ryan were always fighting on my behalf and every construction dollar was well spent. The Medvisory team under promised and over delivered! I invested $260k into Project 1 and expected to pull out $170k on the refinance and leave $90k of capital for a few more years. However, the Medvisory network’s outstanding renovation and refinance capabilities resulted in a “home run” project and I was able to pull my entire $260k initial investment out of the project within just 7 months. I will be working with Medvisory again in the future!

Giancarlo M.

Plastic Surgeon

Miami, FL


Manveen is an old friend from medical school and I’ve developed great trust in the system he has helped pioneer. I have co-invested in numerous financing projects since 2016 when I was in residency and all my investments have withstood the “downturn” in the Canadian market as a result of sound economic analysis by the Medvisory team. I would highly recommend them!

Stephen C.

Ear, Nose, Throat Surgeon

Newmarket, ON


I was the physician investor on title for Project 6 and was delighted with the outcome. We had a “home run” and I was able to extract my entire initial contribution after the first refinance. I also recently engaged Nisha’s realty services on the purchase of a new home in Toronto and was able to receive a very generous Medvisory discount. Looking forward to many more projects in the future!

Emily M.

Family Physician

Toronto, ON


I was referred to Medvisory by my friend Jiayi and started co-investing in financing projects as a resident. I have been very pleased with my involvement to date and have scaled up my real estate investment portfolio with the team since becoming a staff physician. I intend to do a BRRR project with the in the near future as my assets continue to grow.

Kai Y.

Family Physician

Calgary, AB


As the “money joint venture partner” on Project 5, I can verify that the numbers posted are accurate. Manveen and Ryan have developed a system that makes things easy for the investor on title. The team helped troubleshoot several mortgage related challenges on our BRRR project through their central mortgage broker as well as their direct connections with the Big 5 banks. I was very happy with the outcome. I have also co-invested in financing projects with Medvisory and intend to continue doing development and financing deals in the future.

Adrian C.

Family Physician

Victoria, BC

My husband and I completed a BRRR project with Medvisory in 2018. Medvisory’s unique broker network allowed us to finance a project that was challenging to conventionally finance given my status as a new staff physician who did not possess 2 years worth of corporate NOAs. We walked through our BRRR project on completion and were delighted with the quality of the renos as well as the final numbers. We came close to a home run despite the market slowdown in Hamilton. In addition, this was a passive project from our point of view. Manveen and Ryan handled everything professionally and kept us in the loop through regular reno phase pictures on our shared Google Drive.

Shiv C.

Family Physician

Toronto, ON


As a fellow real estate developer, I can testify that the returns Medvisory routinely is able to deliver are no easy feat. I have co-invested in several financing projects and have been very impressed with the level of analysis that Manjit and Jasveen undertake. I also joint ventured with Medvisory on a BRRR project in Oshawa in 2017 and was very satisfied with the outcome. While we did not have a “home run” project by design, my ROI is still in the high 30s per annum. The Medvisory team was very transparent with numbers throughout the process. Unlike projects that I’ve done with different sweat equity partners, there was no “bait and switch.” My investment on my BRRR project was exactly what I expected and did not balloon due to snowballing costs as the project neared completion. I have recommended the team to many colleagues already.

Abhi R


Burlington, ON


I have co-invested with Medvisory on numerous financing projects since 2016. I have consistently received my principal and expected return on all my projects. As a physician with a keen business acumen, I have had many discussions with the team on their rationale for project selection. I have been impressed with Jasveen’s and Manjit’s through analysis of financing projects. I have witnessed Medvisory’s ability to deliver despite a “soft landing” in the GTA real estate market in 2017-2018. I have learned much from my partnership with Medvisory and hope to continue working with them in the years ahead.

Anthony D.

Family Physician

Toronto, ON

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